Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED - DO NOT CONTACT: Financial Planning Resident, Yeske Buie - San Francisco

Financial Planning Resident, Yeske Buie - San Francisco

The Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident position will be a life-changing experience for the successful candidate. The Resident will learn financial planning at a leading edge firm, from a great team. (S)he will work directly with clients, preparing financial plans and reviews, and working in all aspects of financial planning, from the discovery process through to implementation and ongoing support of Yeske Buie’s Clients’ Live Big®  goals. The Financial Planning Resident will “graduate” from this position with exceptional experience that will prepare them to join an established financial planning firm or start their own practice. They will have the two years of experience required for CFP Board’s “Apprenticeship Experience” requirement (pending CFP Board approval). They will attend numerous professional association events and have the opportunity to prepare for and take the CFP Exam. Attendance at FPA Residency is a possibility for the exceptional performer.

The Financial Planning Resident will be treated and have the same expectations as other Yeske Buie employees. However, the In-Residence position will end after 36 months and the Resident will move on to find other employment. At that time, the Resident will be highly qualified for attractive opportunities in the financial planning profession. The purpose of a 36-month period is to allow for a two-month settling in period, and a 34-month period of working with clients, directly supervised by a CFP® licensee. This position is being offered by Yeske Buie in order to leverage our Financial Planning team and to help contribute to the pipeline of new planners entering the financial planning profession prepared to work with financial planning clients.

Job Duties
The job duties for this position include:
·         Meeting and working directly with the firm’s Clients in support of the firm’s Advisors
·         Taking meeting  notes, entering related tasks, gathering information and implementing recommendations
·         Communicating with clients
·         Preparing and implementing Financial Plans and Annual Updates, including maintaining Client Private Pages®
·         Implementing the firm’s Asset Management services
·         Completing Financial Planning and Asset Management research and projects
·         Designing, implementing and managing projects, with the rest of the team, in pursuit of company goals
·         Completing client service and administrative tasks such as paperwork, moving money, account openings/closings/transfers, phones, scanning/filing, etc.

Yeske Buie
Yeske Buie is a wealth management firm providing financial planning and asset management to over 200 clients around the world. Our only compensation is from fees paid to us directly by our clients. We are known nationally for our volunteer service and our Principals’ writing and presentations on topics such as Evidence-Based Financial Planning, Policy-Based Financial Planning and Financial Planning Strategy Modes.

Both Principals of the firm have served as president of the national Financial Planning Association as well as holding leadership positions in and participating in numerous projects with other professional organizations. They co-teach the capstone course in Golden Gate University’s financial planning program.

The firm has a culture of excellence, learning, team work, constant improvement and fun.

Applicants for the Yeske Buie In-Residence Program must:
·         Be trustworthy, ethical, hard-working and professional
·         Hold a degree from a CFP Board Registered Baccalaureate or Master’s Program
·         Demonstrate excellent written, verbal and technical skills
·         Be detail-oriented and able to manage tasks and projects through to their successful conclusion
·         Enjoy working as part of a team as well as be able to work effectively and efficiently on their own
·         Answer the short-essay questions below, as part of the application.

Compensation and Benefits:
·         Competitive salary plus bonus potential
·         401(k) match
·         Full array of benefits (medical, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, life, etc.)
·         Relocation Benefits (if applicable)
·         CFP Exam Registration and Preparation Costs (if applicable)
·         FPA Membership
·         Staff Retreats

Short-Essay Questions:
·         What would you bring to Yeske Buie that is unique and special?
·         What would you need from Yeske Buie to reach your highest potential?
·         The organizing principle that runs through all aspects of Yeske Buie is “Live Big®”. What does “Live Big®” mean to you in your life?
·         Why do you want to work for Yeske Buie?
·         Why do you want to live (for three years) in San Francisco? 

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