Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Assoc Wealth Adv, First Foundation - Irvine, CA

Associate Wealth Advisor, First Foundation - Irvine, CA 
Summary: Responsible for working with Relationship Managers in order to service and manage client portfolios.  Serves as primary point of contact with both the Accounts Services and Trading Departments.  Supports and works on business development activities.  Analyzes daily investment activities in client portfolios, and regularly exercises discretion and independent judgment.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Serve as secondary contact for client relationship; work closely with the Relationship Manager and Executive Assistant
·         Support Relationship Manager in servicing clients and account maintenance.
·         Update Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement when needed
·         Attend client meetings as needed
·         Document client interactions in CRM
·         Speak with clients regarding their portfolios and be able to answer both detailed market and investment related inquiries
·         Work with Relationship Managers on prospects and other business development opportunities
·         Responsible for retaining and/or obtaining client Investment Objective Sheets
·         Work directly with clients required to take a Required Minimum Distribution
·         Work with Executive Assistant to send out communication
·         Review custodial lists in order to track progress
·         Calculate (as needed) and process all Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) distribution payments to clients
·         Calculate all Inherited IRA distribution payments
·         Work with Relationship Manager and Financial Planning department to obtain and analyze financial planning data
·         Evaluate taxable accounts for year-end tax planning strategies (i.e., tax loss harvesting)
·         When necessary, calculate and provide cost basis to Accounts Services/Custodian
·         Review daily report for deposits, withdrawals, margin, etc. and take action as necessary
·         Prepare strategy proposals for prospects and existing clients
·         Utilize Morningstar Principia for client proposals and as a portfolio management tool as needed
·         Prepare custom Monthly/Quarterly client reports, (e.g. income projections)
·         Utilize Chesire to run Monte Carlo simulations and Retirement Projections when necessary
·         Utilize Bloomberg for index, company and portfolio data
·         Screen client quarterly reports for performance errors and inconsistencies
Trading and Portfolio Management Responsibilities
·         Complete Trading Objective form for all new accounts and strategy changes
·         When necessary invest new and/or existing portfolios into the desired investment strategy
·         Dollar cost average portfolios when necessary
·         Be mindful of tax circumstances, large gains, and tax loss carry forwards as it pertains to the client
·         Whenever possible, work with Trading Department on portfolio trades
·         Review all custom and excluded portfolios after a global trade to determine suitability and trade as necessary
·         Monitor all incoming and outgoing account flows daily and invest or raise cash as needed
·         Cover margin balances as needed
·         Work directly with the Trust Department to direct portfolio trades in mutual client accounts
·         When warranted, perform a portfolio audit, which includes:
·         Running security cross references on all newly purchased and/or sold positions
·         Notify the Trading Department of all trade and/or allocations errors
·         Tracking positions with redemption fees and trading when available
·         Work with the Trading Department to determine portfolio suitability for all global trades, including but not limited to determining minimum trade sizes.
·         Responsible for entering, updating and maintaining all portfolio trade restrictions
·         Review portfolios for disparity relative to their strategy
Serve as primary contact to the Account Service Department regarding client issues and accounts
·         Work with clients in order to obtain the necessary information for the New Account Processing form
·         Work with Accounts Services in order to:
·         Ensure that all new accounts are opened accurately and efficiently
·         When necessary, review reoccurring distributions for accuracy
·         Make sure that all accounts transfers are processed and work to resolve any issues
·         Process one-time distributions
·         Notify Account Services of all closed/terminated portfolios
·         Responsible for adherence to all disclosed compliance programs, including but not limited to, completion or all required and assigned training by established due dates.
·         Understand and comply with all requirements of the law and regulations applicable to the role as set forth by the company
Job Requirements :
3+ years experience in the financial industry.  Bachelor’s degree required.  Excellent organizational, interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.  Strong ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.  Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures.  Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.  Performs a variety of tasks.  Solid problem-solving and conflict resolution aptitude.  PC proficiency, including Advanced Excel.  Thorough knowledge of related law and regulations.  Present a professional image in dealing with customers, interdepartmental and external representatives.

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